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Finding Ethiopia in Every Frame

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia For creative agencies in Ethiopia, finding the perfect image to tell a story can be a struggle.

Moha Pepsi Addis Ababa
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Automation Results in Hundreds Losing Jobs at Moha Manufacturing Plant

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Moha Soft Drinks, the bottler for PepsiCo products in Ethiopia, has laid off around 100 employees, with

food delivery discounts in Addis Ababa
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Who Pays for Your Discounts? Food Delivery Deals in Addis Ababa Explained

Fueled by a growing appetite for convenience and a youthful, tech-savvy population, Addis Ababa’s food delivery scene is experiencing growth.

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Investment Consultants Get Collaborative

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia As Addis Ababa experiences a surge in shared workspace, ACE Advisors, an investment and impact consulting firm,

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Everyday Investors in Ethiopia to Get Robo-Help

The Ethiopian Capital Market Authority (ECMA) has paved the way for innovative financial firms to establish robo-advisory services, offering automated

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Addis Ababa-based EV Startup Dodai Raises $4 Million in Series A Funding

Dodai, an Addis Ababa-based electric vehicle (EV) startup, has secured $4 million in its Series A round, marking one of

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IE Network Solutions Invests in Ethiopia’s Tech Workforce

Veteran IT solutions provider IE Network Solutions is tackling the challenge of Ethiopia’s tech talent gap with the launch of

Rungooo Delivery
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Rungo, One of Ethiopia’s Largest Liquor Distributors, Enters Ecommerce Space

Rungo Liquors, one of the largest liquor distributors in Ethiopia, has strategically entered the e-commerce sector with Rungooo Delivery. The

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Shoppers in Addis Ababa Get Real-Time Price Tracking Platform from Zare Gebeya

Ethiopia’s market has been relentlessly struck by high inflation in recent years. The price of everyday items, like iodized salt,

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Brothers Launch Inventory App Empowering SMEs

A 2020 report by the then Ethiopian Job Creation states that 1.5 million micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) employ