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Surprising Finds: Three Ethiopian Digital Marketplaces You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Ethiopia is experiencing a significant influx of investments in Internet-based companies, with many launching online marketplaces aimed at connecting buyers

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The Role of the Gig Economy in Empowering Female Health Professionals in Ethiopia

The quest for gender equality and women’s empowerment has long been a pressing global issue. In Ethiopia, the Mesirat program

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The Uber for Nannies: Mogzit’s Innovative Solution for Affordable Childcare

In the bustling city of Addis Ababa, Samrawit Tarekegn is aiming to solve a common struggle faced by working parents:

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Three Ethiopian Colleges Offering Online Degree, Master’s Programs in 2023

By Yinebeb Bahru The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for the education sector in Ethiopia. The unforeseen disruption to


An In-depth Look at TECNO’s Latest Masterpiece of Technology, Fashion

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and having a smartphone that not only caters to your technological needs but also

Lifeline Addis
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Ethiopian Startup Lifeline Addis Integrates Home Healthcare Services into the Gig Economy

Solomon Desalegn (MD) graduated in medicine from Saint Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College in 2017. Shortly after completing his studies,

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From Connectivity to Opportunity: Tackling Infrastructure Challenges in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s tech innovators and digitally enabled service providers are confronted by a daunting reality. While they hold control over the

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Charting a Digitally Literate Future in Ethiopia: Challenges, Progress, the Path Ahead

As the world rapidly transitions into a digitized society, digital literacy has become more important than ever. The ability to

gig economy in Ethiopia
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The Rise of the Gig Economy in Ethiopia: A Pathway to Employment and Innovation

In Ethiopia, obtaining reliable estimates of the size of the local gig economy is challenging. But with Ethiopia’s youthful population

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Ethiopia’s Government Push for Cashless Fuel Transactions Unfolds in Saga

Long lines of cars at gas stations are nothing new to Addis. In the past, they were attributed to various