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Ethio Telecom announces the launch of telebirr Engage, a new chat feature integrated within its popular telebirr SuperApp. The addition aims to provide users with a complete and versatile mobile experience, combining social interaction with seamless digital transactions.

telebirr Engage enables users to connect with friends and family through features like P2P and group chat, sharing of emotions, location, video & voice messages, contacts, photos, and files. At the same time, it allows for convenient digital transactions, including money transfers, requests, sending pocket money, airtime and package purchases, and real-time bill payments.

Users can utilize phone numbers, QR codes, or shareable QR codes to expand their social network within the app. Meanwhile, group chats display member avatars alongside their chat history, offering a clear and organized experience.

In addition, the platform provides the option to block or unblock friends and clear chat history for both participants within the conversation.

Ethio Telecom launched telebirr, in May 2021. By August 2022, the company had introduced digital financial products, including microloans, savings, and overdraft services.

Around a year ago, telebirr became a Superapp after it added an array of mini-apps within a single interface, including e-commerce, food delivery, entertainment, utility bill payments, transportation, and more.

Super apps, which have gained widespread popularity in emerging markets and Asia, consolidate various services and functionalities into a single platform and aim to create a seamless user experience. 

Companies like WeChat in China and Grab in Southeast Asia have successfully integrated multiple services, such as messaging, payments, shopping, and transportation, all under one umbrella.

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