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Zemeo, an online platform that allows fans to request personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities, has been launched by HK Automation.

Inspired by the global platform Cameo, Zemeo allows users to request one-minute video greetings for birthdays, pep talks, anniversaries, or even ask their idols questions.

Launched just a few months ago, Zemeo has around 100 actors, musicians, athletes, social media influencers, and personalities listed on its roster, including the likes of Alemayhu Tadesse, Henok Mehari, Abenet Agonafer, Bereket 4kilo, Mekdiye, Adane Girma, Ruth Araya, and Million Berhane.

Founded by Haben Kiros, Zemeo aims to bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans. The personalized shoutouts are available for a range of prices, starting from 1000 to 5,000 birr.

If their favorite personality is listed, users can click on their profile and request the video with a description explaining the video’s purpose. After payment via Chapa, celebrities send the videos within 24 hours.

Zemeo is seeking to expand its offerings by attracting celebrities from various sectors, including medical doctors, academics, and other public figures. Due to the platform’s early stage, the maximum price a celebrity can request is set at 5000 birr.

Zemeo is now ramping up its marketing efforts after a quiet launch phase. The initial challenge, according to Haben, was finding celebrities to participate.

Haben, during his interview with Shega, pinpointed the initial difficulty in securing celebrity participation as the platform’s biggest hurdle. To connect with them, he resorted to contacting them through friends and even some door-to-door outreach.

Samrawit Gebre-Egziabher, Zemeo’s marketing manager, shares this observation. Established celebrities, accustomed to working with traditional brokers who connect them with fans and clients, presented a steeper climb compared to social media influencers who were welcoming.

To prevent fake accounts and identity theft, Zemeo requires celebrities to provide valid identification during registration. Clients also receive email payment confirmations.

Jara Tesfaye, a social media influencer on Zemeo, highlights the platform’s potential to connect fans and open doors for new venues for collaborations. Zemeo takes a 10% commission on each video, with the remaining amount transferred to the celebrity.

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