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Safaricom Ethiopia
Guest Contribution Telecom

Why I Won’t Swap My Ethio Telecom SIM for Safaricom Ethiopia

By Addis Assefa I remember talking to a taxi driver in Nairobi a few months before Safaricom Plc started operations

Guest Contribution Must Read Ride-Hailing

Ethiopia’s Ride-Hailing Battleground: How Happy Drivers Win Market Share

Working in marketing and constantly relying on ride-hailing apps to get around in Addis, I’ve often questioned the fixation ride-hailing

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Banking fees
Deep Dive FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

Understanding the Rationale Behind Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s New Banking Fees

In a recent article titled “Is the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Introduction of New Banking Fees Justified?” by Omer Hussein,

Guest Contribution Must Read

Is the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Introduction of New Banking Fees Justified?

In the past few months, Ethiopia’s financial landscape has been witnessing a significant shift with the introduction of new banking

Guest Contribution Must Read

Is Restricting Private Cars in Addis Ababa During Peak Commuting Hours a Viable Solution?

During a briefing to the Standing Committee on Urban Development and Transport Affairs of the parliament on January 31, 2024,

Guest Contribution Must Read

An Overview of Ethiopia’s National Bank New Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has recently released its Strategic Plan for 2023–2026. This strategic plan aims to address

FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

Beyond Tradition: Women-Owned Business at the Forefront of Telebirr Adoption in Ethiopia

By Endashaw Tesfaye & Ariel Delaney  Recently, we met with ‘Emu’ and ‘Roman’ (affectionately known as ‘Mommy’). Both of whom

Guest Contribution Must Read

Unlocking Innovation: The Untapped Potential of University Spinoffs in Ethiopia

By Tsegamlak Solomon Imagine you’re a researcher at a university, working tirelessly on a groundbreaking discovery. You’re passionate about your

Guest Contribution

Why Leaders Must Adapt for the Digital Era

The concepts of leadership and the way we define them have been oscillating over the years. In the past, leadership

Guest Contribution

The Remote Revolution: How the Internet is Reshaping Global Labor Markets

During the 1970s and 1980s, the economic miracle of the East Asian Tigers captured global attention, offering valuable lessons for