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Shega is an Addis Ababa-based integrated media, data, and intelligence firm that focuses on the innovation, technology, and startup space in Ethiopia. Its primary objective is to make sense of the Ethiopian and African innovative economies through high-quality content, data, and research.

Shega partners with various development organizations, private companies, and investors to drive the growth of Ethiopia’s innovative economy.

The company operates through three main lines of activity. Firstly, Shega Media functions as a digital media company, producing news, analysis, reports, visuals, and a weekly newsletter that highlights Ethiopia’s innovative economy.

Secondly, Shega Insights offers the company’s data, research, and advisory services, providing valuable insights to stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. Lastly, the Shega Brand Studio serves as the advertising agency arm, assisting brands in achieving their marketing and communication objectives.

We capitalize on our understanding of the ecosystem, the community we have built, and the data we have collected and curated to partner with various organizations and companies to support specific projects.


Shega Media & Technology Plc is registered at FDRE’s Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration under license number BA/AA/14/673/5846936/2013. Shega is also recognized by the Ethiopian Media Authority and holds an Online Media Registration Certificate in accordance with the Ethiopian Media Law, Media Proclamation No. 1238/2021.