Shega Media & Technology PLC is an Addis Ababa-based digital media and research company that focuses on the innovation, technology, and startup space in Ethiopia.

We produce high-value articles, analyses, reports, visuals, and a weekly newsletter. We also organize engaging events, support brands, and provide research and advisory service.

Since launching in 2019, our content has been consumed more than 200,000 times. The main demographic of our content and initiatives are young Ethiopians who are university students and graduates, professionals, developers, entrepreneurs as well as startups, tech companies, investors, support organizations, and regulators.

We capitalize on our understanding of the ecosystem, the community we have built, and the data we have collected and curated, to partner with various organizations and companies to support specific projects.


Shega Media & Technology Plc is registered at FDRE’s Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration under license number BA/AA/14/673/5846936/2013. Shega is also recognized by the Ethiopian Media Authority and holds an Online Media Registration Certificate in accordance with the Ethiopian Media Law, Media Proclamation No. 1238/2021.