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The Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Save Ideas have signed agreement that enables the latter to provide free services for Ethiopian innovators, reports Fana Broadcasting corporate.

The agreement was signed by Dr Shumete Gizaw, State Minister of Innovation and Technology and Professor Hazbo Skoko, Founder and President of SaveIdeas.

According to the agreement, Save Ideas will register and protect the innovations presented at “Design Ethiopia” contest and promote them worldwide for free.

Save Ideas aims to encourage creativity by offering the world’s first blockchain-based free platform for IP protection, which is available via the website and mobile apps.

The platform enables any one to submit, upload, and save their art or original solutions to various problems, as well as to protect their IP without any red tape, find interested parties, or attract investments to bring ideas to life.

Save Ideas a completely free those submitting and copyrighting their ideas. Interested investors and customers will be charged a small fee for the service and access to advanced services.

Save Ideas guarantees inventors the protection of their IP by a Time Certificate™ – legal proof of ownership issued automatically and immediately after a user uploads an idea to the site.

This official document states the exact date and time of submission, which is a cornerstone consideration in any dispute or lawsuit relating to alleged IP infringement.

The validity of Time Certificate is supported by the legal status of Save Ideas, which is an Australian company established in 2007 and registered with the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Dr Getahun, Minister of MiNT, too the lead and announced that he registered his idea as an IP on

“In my quest for a better Ethiopia, I am working on a Formula that relates GDP to Employment Share in an Economy. I registered the Idea as an IP on Formula not yet released, just soliciting Economists view first.

The previous Ethiopian Ministry of Science and technology and the current Ministry of Innovation and technology (MiNT ) has recently shown a great willingness to to bring the technology sector players closer to them and committed to solves the challenges in the sector.

The recent networking event that happened at MiNT aiming to connect the industry players and the public sector and discuss the way forward is one of the signs this willingness. Save Ideas was also present in that event.

Hazbo Skoko, a founder of Save Ideas, announced that his organization has a plan to open its Africa office in Ethiopia as well.

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Anteneh Tesfaye, Founder and CEO of Shega, is interested in innovation and startup ecosystems across emerging markets.

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