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Feres, a taxi-hailing company that has become a major player in the ride-hailing sector after joining the market a year ago is now moving to the e-commerce space and is launching an online marketplace and delivery service. 

The platform is called Feresegna. Feresegna is a new e-commerce and delivery service that plans to join the market with different value-added features. Feresegna is a sister brand of Feres. Feres will be taking over the logistics and delivery side while E-birr serves as a payment solution. 

Ebirr which is the latest entrant to the mobile money space in Ethiopia is also integrated with Feres and claims to have 2 million users, 15,000 + and 5000 + Agents and resellers. 

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Feresegna aims to capitalize on Fere’s driver and cab network to deliver orders to the customer. 

Semir Nasir, Feresgnya manager says, “Feresegna, after understanding the growing demand of the eCommerce, the delivery service and the limitation of the options provided, is planning to join the market and fill the gaps between the huge demand and few offer.”

Feresegna will be a marketplace for merchants and plans to provide access to an online shop for businesses that are offline.  In the new platform, Online shop is going to be anything from restaurants to apparel stores. 

Semir added, “With the services we are planning to offer, that is tech efficient, fast, and effective; we plan to create many job opportunities, create accessible products for customers and be a platform for local business.” 

Fersegna will first start delivering in Addis Abeba and aim to cover other cities outside of the capital soon.



The article is updated to reflect a factual correction.

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