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CC Tech Consulting, a technology consulting firm specializing in cloud computing and cyber security, has announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide free cloud computing skills development and job training in Addis Ababa through AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start a 12-week training program by AWS, the subsidiary of Amazon that provides cloud computing web services, helps individuals build cloud computing skills, and connects participants with employment opportunities at local employers. 

The partnership aiming to train 120 learners in one year across Ethiopia is fully free and the first AWS re/Start cohort begins at the end of June. 

Designed to support unemployed or underemployed people and who have little technology experience, AWS re/Start provides participants with new cloud computing skills, career and resume coaching, and interviews with local employers. 

Upon completing the program, CC Tech Consulting, with offices in the United States, will support graduates with direct connections to employers. AWS re/Start graduates are prepared for entry-level cloud roles, such as cloud operations, site reliability, infrastructure support, and technical adjacent business support functions.

According to the World Economic Forum estimations, by 2025, half of the global workforce will need reskilling, and 97 million new roles will emerge because of digitization.

CC Tech Consulting, together with AWS re/Start aims to build an inclusive, diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent in Ethiopia by engaging individuals experiencing unemployment who otherwise might not have had access to this career path.

“The demand for cloud adoption does not meet the number of qualified and certified cloud talents across the globe. As young tech professionals, we see the gap and want to give young kids in Ethiopia the tools and resources to compete on a global stage,” said Henok Dagne, Co-Founder of CC Tech Consulting.

“Ethiopia’s new cloud workforce will not only boost the career of the individual learners but, in the long run, will help build an eco-system of qualified local talent that will increase the development and growing digitization of the private sector, first in Ethiopia and eventually on the whole continent,” added Henok. 

With the support of professional mentors and accredited instructors, participants will get a foundation of cloud computing knowledge that will propel them into entry-level cloud jobs. 

The in-person training includes developing skills in programming, networking, security, and relational databases through real-world-scenario-based learning, hands-on labs, and coursework. By the end of the course, graduates will have hard skills, soft skills and earn their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification, an industry-recognized credential validating cloud computing skills. 

The AWS re/Start program is part of Amazon’s commitment to helping 29 million people around the world grow their tech skills with free cloud computing skills training by 2025. CC Tech consulting, founded by two US-based Ethiopians, is the first Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner in Ethiopia. 

“As one of the first AWS partner in Ethiopia, CC Tech offers expert guidance, implementation support, and services to help organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said Henok.  

The first cohort is closing for applications within the next week, and more details about the program can be found by clicking here

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