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Financial Inclusion in Ethiopia: Time to Move Beyond Access Towards Deepening

Striving for financial inclusion entails more than just enrolling individuals in bank accounts or mobile wallets. It is equally crucial

FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

Democratizing USSD: Removing Barriers to Financial Inclusion Through Zero or Reduced USSD Fees in Ethiopia

An anonymous Contribution by a Guest Writer Financial inclusion is a critical driver of economic development and growth. However, in Ethiopia,

Deep Dive FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

The Road to Digitalization in Ethiopia: Lessons from Fuel Stations

By Ibrahim Mamma and Endashaw Tesfaye  Since April 24, 2023, all 153 gas stations in Addis Ababa have started implementing

Guest Contribution Must Read Social Media

Navigating the VPN Maze in Ethiopia for Digital Marketing: When Will the Struggle End?

By Dagmawi Demek As digital marketing grows increasingly competitive, businesses seek innovative methods to connect with their target audience. In

Podcasts in Ethiopia
Guest Contribution

The Rise of Podcasting in Ethiopia

By Dagem Mekonnen The story of Gugut Podcast began in the early months of 2020, amid a significant global rise

Ethiopia super-apps
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Unlocking Ethiopia’s Digital Economy with Super-apps

In November 2022, Elon Musk, the current CEO of Twitter, unveiled his vision of “Twitter 2.0” as an app that

Deep Dive FinTech Guest Contribution Must Read

Ethiopia’s Refreshed National Financial Inclusion Strategy Unpacked

The National Bank of Ethiopia has updated Ethiopia’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which was developed in 2021. While the official

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Ethiopia’s National Digital ID Initiative in the Eyes of a Bank Officer

By Yinebeb Bahru I work as a customer service officer at Awash Bank, Ethiopia’s leading private bank. One day, a

Chatgpt in Ethiopia
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Three ChatGPT Alternatives Ethiopians Can Use

By Yinebeb Bahru In November 2022, OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence (AI) research institute, released ChatGPT. Since its launch, it

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Expanding Ethiopia’s Agent Networks Through Innovative Digital Solutions

By Yaa Asamoah Boateng Agent networks play a critical role in the uptake of digital financial services. They make financial