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Armada Agriculture
AgriTech Featured Must Read Partner Content Startup

AgriTech Startup Armada is Building a Marketplace for Farmers to Get Mechanized Services  

Agriculture accounts for the bulk of Ethiopia’s GDP. However, most agricultural production occurs on small and widely dispersed farms (smallholder

Omishtu Joy
AgriTech Featured Must Read Startup Technology

Agritech Startup Aims to Raise Farming Productivity in Ethiopia with Innovative Device

Ethiopia’s economy is dependent on agriculture, which accounts for 40 percent of the nation’s GDP, 72 percent of product exports,

Featured Must Read

Behagerlij Inspires a Generation Through Digital Art

If you have ever stumbled upon an illustration that is relatable, comical, captivating, and Ethiopian while scrolling through your Facebook

Ecommerce Featured Must Read Partner Content

Ethiopian Digital Discount Mall Qinash Delivers Orders Using E-bikes

One of the difficulties retail outlets all over the world face is; selling-out older products that have been deemed out

Featured Must Read Ride-Hailing

Emerging Trend Sees the Rise of Ride-hailing Based Financial Products

The street behind Bole Medhainalem Church that leads to Hayat Hospital is filled with many small colorful restaurants. These restaurants,

Featured Must Read Startup

This US-based Ethiopian Startup is Making Book Publishing Easy

The Ethiopian book publishing industry is riddled with challenges. In the very beginning, hard copy books are expensive because of

Featured Must Read

Doorway to Tech Giants: A2SV Guides Ethiopian Students to Top Tech Firms

Inspired by tech shows that featured coding and hacking, Amir Mustafa had a passion for technology at a young age.

Featured Must Read

Introducing Gofere, the Leading Sportswear Brand Made in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a football-crazed nation. Besides Europe’s top flight leagues, the local teams run through the veins of Ethiopian fans. 

Featured Startup

Local Food Startup BeNu Produces Nutritional Biscuits for Kids

In 2022, Save the Children reported that more than 185,000 children in Ethiopia were suffering from the most severe form

Dynamo Center for Technology
Featured Must Read Technology

In Jimma, Dynamo is Teaching Children Robotics in Afaan Oromoo

Students in elementary and high school go through the theoretical concepts of math and physics but barely understand the real-life