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Ethiopia’s bustling streets are being navigated in a whole new way, thanks to a surge in ride-hailing services. These ride-hailing services offer a convenient, on-demand way to get around in the capital.

However, many residents are only familiar with a few ride-hailing brands. Additionally, distinguishing between active and discontinued services can be confusing.

That’s why we at Shega compiled a list of ride-hailing companies in Ethiopia, each with its own unique selling point and price. 

Zay Ride 

Zay Ride is the first app-based ride-hailing service provider in Addis Abeba.  Founded by Habtamu Tadesse, Zay Ride was launched in 2016. 

ZayRide offers a driver verification system for added peace of mind. The business is nerve-centered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is currently sharing shares to go public. Zay Ride has a flag-down fee of 100 birr and charges 16 birr per kilometer.


Feres is the most popular ride-hailing platform among Addis Abeba’s middle class. It arrived late to the scene, kickstarting in February 2020 after plenty of other ride-hailing applications had already launched their platforms. Despite arriving late to the scene, it surpassed its competitors and is now in the race to take the top place.

Feres is now a veteran in the Ethiopian ride-hailing scene, boasting an extensive network of drivers. It has a wide cab network that comprises over 60,000 drivers and a popular reward program. The same as Zay Ride, Feres has a flag-down fee of 100 birr and charges 16 birr per kilometer.


Yango, a new entrant to the scene, has made a name for itself despite its short life span. Yango, which is owned by Yandex, a multinational tech giant based in Russia, entered the Ethiopian market in October 2023. 

Yango partnered with G2G IT Group, the firm behind ShuuFare, to bring its service to Ethiopia. According to the agreement, G2G manages Yango’s service operations.

Yango employs its own mapping and routing systems to locate and transport passengers. Globally, the platform boasts around 600,000 registered drivers. The app is also available in Amharic. 

This international giant, valued at over $1.5 billion, brings its expertise and user-friendly app to Ethiopia, making Ethiopia its 13th African destination. Yango has a flag-down fee of 72 birr and charges 15 birr per kilometer.


One of Ethiopia’s leading ride-hailing platforms, Ride caters to diverse needs and provides a variety of vehicle options, from budget-friendly sedans to luxury SUVs.

The product of Hybrid Design, Ride, was launched in 2016. Ride has a flag-down fee of 100 birr and charges 15 birr per kilometer. 

Little Ethiopia

Little Ethiopia is launched in March 2022. Little primarily serves corporate clients. Its core objective is to enable companies to provide ride-hailing services to their employees, eliminating the need for petty cash transactions and allowing payment at the end of the month.

Little has stated that it has onboarded 20,000 drivers and over 500 partner corporations like Safaricom, Ethiopian Airlines, Bank of Abyssinia, and Dashen Bank.

According to the ride-hailing company, its system allows companies to track which employees have used the service, where they have traveled, and even manage the budget for its use, thereby enhancing transparency. This increased transparency has helped it create greater favorability among companies, states Little.

Little has a flag-down fee of 120 birr and charges 18 birr per kilometer. It has a rating system that rewards drivers with the highest rating with more jobs. 

Easy Ride

Founded in March 2020 Easy Ride is Jijiga’ & Somali Region’s first taxi booking Service Company, with the primary aim in providing accessible, affordable, safe, taxi/logistic service.

Easy Ride Connects passengers with not only cars but also to the three-wheeled Bajaj’s. For cars, the service has a flag down fee of 110 birr and charges 16 birr per kilometer.


As a growing number of ride-hailing companies vie to penetrate the market in Ethiopia, one company with only female drivers is recently gaining popularity in the country’s male-dominated sector and making a good profit.

Seregela, founded in March 2020, works solely with pre-orders and communications with customers from a call center to track the activities of each car and ensure the safety of its female cab drivers. 

Founded by Elias Negash, Seregela is catered toward female users and has become distinctive for the Suzuki sedans used by its drivers.  

Seregela has a flag-down fee of 105 birr and an 18 birr price per kilometer. 

Adika Taxi

Adika is one of Ethiopia’s leading tour, travel, and car rental companies, established in 2004.

The firm recently ventured into the ride-hailing sector and is becoming a driver’s favorite for street pickup as it only charges them only 10 birr despite the final fee.

Adika has a flag-down fee of 110 birr, and the price per kilometer is 16.5 birr.

One Ride

Launched in 2023, One Ride is a new addition to the busting ride-hailing sector. One ride has a flag-down fee of 100 birr and charges 18 birr per kilometer.  

OneRide has a ride-sharing option and a monthly transcription service offering for drivers, as well as an in-app payment, book from Telegram, and ride for later features.

VIP Taxi

As ride-hailing companies proliferate, it seems like some are trying to differentiate themselves by providing premium service, and VIP Taxi is one of them.

VIP Taxi has a flag-down fee of 400 birr and charges 300 birr per kilometer, while the price per minute is 40 birr.

And this is not just for any car; you get to ride in V8 cars.

Nisir Car Rental

Nisir Car Rental provides a package-based service. For a 20-minute or 4-kilometer distance, they charge 200 birr.

However, trips exceeding 20 minutes or 4 kilometers will be charged an additional 200 birr for every 20 minutes or 4 kilometers beyond the set limit, even if the additional time or distance is less than the threshold.

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