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Addisber, an online shopping portal in Ethiopia that offers a wide range of products, has launched a premium membership program enabling customers in Addis Ababa to enjoy free delivery for just 1000 birr a year.

The Premium Membership, which was rolled out four months ago, also enables members to get a five percent discount on all purchases.

Addisber, with its dispatch center near Ayat Square, delivers items in 24 hours.

“Our Premium Membership is aimed at slowly changing the shopping culture here while rewarding customers for this change,” Sofonyas Kebede, Chief Operating Officer at Addisber, told Shega.

Addisber, launched in 2019, is owned by Addis Path Trading Plc, a business engaged in import and export, as well as operating retail supermarkets.

The e-commerce platform, with its wide selection of products, has everything from electronics and appliances to fashion and home goods.

Items sold in Addisber have price tags similar to those seen in supermarkets in the capital and include VAT. The startup also gives legal receipts to buyers on all purchases upon delivery.

Addisber, which has gained 5,000 users, offers free delivery for orders totaling 1,000 birr or more for its normal users. Users are charged 99 birr when they order items less than the 1000 birr threshold.

Customers can choose from a range of payment methods, including cash on delivery and local and international online payment options.

Addisber features a variety of well-known brands as well as local products. Addisber has a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-navigate website, and the portal also comes with an app, both for Android and iOS.

Sofonyas added that the startup is currently deploying sales agents, who work on commission, to sign up Premium Members.

Addisber, which has been selling the products it owns so far, is also expanding its e-market and is onboarding vendors for free to sell their items on the platform.

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Kaleab Girma, an Addis Ababa-based reporter and researcher, with over six years of experience in the field. He currently serves as Shega's Editor-in-Chief and specializes in reporting on small businesses, innovation, technology, and startups in Ethiopia.

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