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Deep Dive

Analysis – The New Payment Instrument Issuer Directive and The Future of Fintech in Ethiopia

NBE has issued the long-awaited directive that will regulate payment instruments issuers which includes mobile money, wallet and similar digital

Blockchain Deep Dive

Importing from emerging economies and Smart Contracts

Importing from an emerging economy is exciting but needs to be done with enough research and good knowledge of the

Deep Dive

Could Africa be part of the Data Revolution?

Big Data a Hype or Revolution? was a title for a module I completed last year for a graduate program

Deep Dive

From Torrents of Data to Insightful Intelligence: Cloud BI and Analytics

Data is the new oil; It is increasingly becoming more valuable than ever before. Not only is it being generated

Blockchain Deep Dive

Blockchain is Here and it’s Changing The World

Have you heard people saying “blockchain is the future”? You might know or not what blockchain means but let’s start