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Available as of May 23, the app BeBlocky offers an interactive way to learn the skill of coding to Android phone users. It is a gamified learning mobile app that allows children to explore the basis of computer science. It harnesses the power of graphical programming language to make the learning process engaging and fun.
The BeBlocky app is developed by BeBlocky, Inc., a firm that develops programming learning apps for children and is set on creating a platform they would love. A youth-centered web and mobile app development company, BeBlocky, Inc. is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and was founded in 2017.

BeBlocky starts off with BlockyBot – a friendly programmable robot – wandering around the kids’ playground, waiting to be programmed. Thanks to toy-brick like programming blocks, children can easily understand the coding process and grasp the variety of commands featured on the app. By dragging and dropping these blocks, they can creatively stack together programming components – events and operations –, thus programming BlockyBot. This way, they can command BlockyBot’s different actions, such as emotion, movement, reaction to different scenarios and many more.

BeBlocky is now available worldwide on Google Play Store for free. The app is currently available in English language, with plans to release the app with other languages such as Arabic and French. Perfect timing for the app, as the Ethiopian National ICT Exhibition starts this month.


Nathan Damtew, Founder and CEO of BeBlocky, Inc. says,

Other versions are under construction, the next one featuring Augmented Reality (AR) to project the programmable friendly robot (BlockyBot) into the real world. Targets have also been set to introduce different brand mascots as characters and an in-app toy store to personalize every child’s experience.

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