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Ride-hailing firm ZayRide has introduced a ride-sharing feature that enables multiple passengers heading in the same direction to share a single ride. Launched this week, this feature allows passengers to enjoy a 30% discount on their fares, while drivers can increase their earnings by 50% by accommodating multiple passengers, according to ZayRide.

To utilize the new service, passengers simply need to select the “ZaySahre” option on the ZayRide app if they don’t mind sharing the ride with others.

The app then matches passengers with similar routes or nearby pick-up points who have also chosen the shared ride option. During the journey, the driver may pick up additional passengers heading towards the same destination. Passengers are dropped off in an optimized order to minimize travel time.

Ride sharing was first introduced in the capital by the now-defunct Pick Pick Taxi around five years ago. However, the company’s loan arrangement for vehicles led to its demise.

Meanwhile, rise sharing has emerged as the latest initiative from ZayRide, amidst a series of new announcements by the ride-hailing firm in attempt to become innovative in a very competitive market.

In March 2023, ZayRide partnered with a motorcycle ride-hailing startup Addis Motor Taxi, enabling users to book motorcycles through the ZayRide platform. Customers will be able to book motorcycles for transportation and delivery services through the ZayRide app and call center.

Meanwhile, ZayRide collaborated with another ride hailing firm WEZ submitted proposal requesting government to allow them to enlist vehicles with Code-2 plates (private cars) onto their platform and provide transport service.

Shega could not reach ZayRide for comment.

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