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Gebeya Inc., the Pan-African source for freelance professional talent, today announced the launch of its Network Partner program. Six months after the launch of its online talent marketplace, Gebeya has rapidly grown, and recognized the opportunity to collaborate not only with individuals, but also with skilled organizations.

Gebeya’s latest initiative seeks to leverage the power of partnership between functional businesses and clients in need of additional support to scale products and services to implementation. This effort recalibrates the scales of Africa’s workforce by giving companies across the continent and globally access to thoroughly vetted service providers. Clients will be able to match with individual talent to augment their team, and be matched with Network Partner companies to execute their work.

Since June’s digital revitalization, the marketplace has seen a 20% MoM increase in client requests from startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As a result of the rollout of the robust, streamlined, self-service cloud-based client portal, Gebeya has decided to expand its definition of talent to include proven companies, too.

“Like our pool of freelance talents, all Network Partners must undergo robust vetting to ensure they represent the Best of African Talent,” said Amadou Daffe, CEO and Co-founder of Gebeya. “After a successful beta test, we now invite specialty professional services firms across Africa to apply—especially software development and design agencies.” 

The rise in demand for qualified talent led the way for Gebeya to establish Network Partners to not only address the surge in requests, but to showcase the economical reinforcement of African businesses joining forces.  

What’s the opportunity for Network Partners?

The uniqueness of the Network Partners program is its focus on software development, marketing, gaming, design and cyber security. Gebeya is actively recruiting companies across Africa within these verticals ensuring teams of experts can aid in growing other businesses in product at a more accelerated rate with more human resources and half the time.

To date, Gebeya’s network of partners within the program includes agencies in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Senegal. Currently, the aim is to identify more reputable companies throughout those countries, as well as South Africa. By expanding the initial premise of the marketplace and tapping into businesses as talent, Gebeya emphasizes the significance of partnership locally on the continent, and reinvesting in Africa’s ecosystem.

Only the top companies will qualify, as Gebeya’s vetting process is vigorous. Prospective Network Partners will undergo skill testing, and will be required to provide 3-5 customer references to validate their ability to deliver. They must provide a company profile that includes details like their team profile, geographic reach, language capacity, and more.  

Driving profits through partnership 

Startups and SMEs leveraging Gebeya’s Network Partners can collaborate with the confidence of knowing high-quality deliverables will be provided by skilled, experienced professionals. The intimate but larger scale production offers startups access to full services to build their MVP or implement marketing campaigns or even product launches.

Behind the scenes, Gebeya remains committed to acknowledging and addressing the talent wars in Africa while building upon its platform to bridge the gap between clients and much-needed professionals.

The opportunity for teams of talents to work alongside these companies gives way to a growing African workforce and fosters relationships built on collaboration, not competition. Network Partners can serve as a profitable business venture for teams and startups that will have an immediate impact on the continent’s ecosystem. 

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