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Eutopias Students, a mobile application that offers solutions to alleviate the challenges faced by grade 12 students in sourcing questions for university entrance exams and reduce the expenses associated with high school textbooks was launched last week.

The application encompasses six years (2017-2022) of 12th-class entrance exams with corresponding answers, textbooks spanning from 9th to 12th grade, and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tutor designed to respond to users’ questions. Additionally, the platform hosts regular contests with prizes for participating users.

To access the complete range of services offered by the application, students are required to pay an annual fee of 100 birr, facilitated through various banking options.

“There are various shortcomings hindering students from attaining excellent results in their education and Utopia is here to address some of these challenges,” said Saronawit Endalkachew, Marketing Director of Utopia Students.

Ethiopia has recently changed its school textbooks. However, accessing the new textbooks has been challenging for many students as they have not been fully distributed. At least 40 million textbooks are needed for students across Ethiopia.

Saronawit states that currently, the company is focusing on students in the capital. “Students can download the application from the Google Play Store. We are working to make it available on the App Store,” she added.

Utopia underwent a review by information communication technology experts at the Addis Ababa Education Bureau and received a letter of support, with the experts believing that it would be beneficial for students.

Other platforms operating in the same sector also aim to provide students with similar services, such as Kuraz Tech, Teacheru Bot, and Lemar by 1888 E.C.

Utopia Students, the startup behind the app, was established last year with the vision of creating an educated generation.

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