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Muyalogy, an innovative learning platform that offers courses in Amharic as an alternative for students who may face challenges accessing international platforms like Coursera, has surpassed 55,000 users and is currently working on accrediting its certificates.

The startup which produces, markets, and manages video-based online courses in various fields, currently provides 25 courses, including design, moviemaking, and marketing courses instructed by industry experts.

Founded in 2022, Muyalogy was conceived after watching the mass failure of grade 12 students on their university entrance exams.

“Me and my other four friends gave it a deep thought and tried to spot a problem,” says Misiker Adane, CEO of Muyalogy. According to their findings, the Ethiopian educational policy makes students more of an academician instead of making them skilled.

“Students who did not make it to university are now going to be sitting and doing nothing because they don’t have the skills to do other things. That’s when we came up with the idea of Muyalogy and also why we gave that name,” Misiker told Shega.

Misiker and his friends are the co-founders of another IT firm called Perago Systems, a technology company that designs and develops electronic government and B2B commerce solutions. Thus, the transition of Muyalogy from an idea to a platform was seamless. 

“Our platform targets everyone,” says Misiker, “but we focus on students aged 15–35, as this is the age range where most individuals are keen on acquiring new skills.”

The video courses on Muyalogy vary in duration, ranging from 13 hours to 3 hours, and are structured into chapters for effective learning. All courses offered by Muyalogy are produced in-house, with Misiker overseeing the collaborative efforts of his 16 employees, who contribute to various tasks.

The courses given on this edtech platform have three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students are expected to pay 2500 birr for the course they choose to learn using Telebirr, Chapa, or Stripe for people living outside of Ethiopia.

The CEO states time, budget, and infrastructure are some of their major problems.

According to Michael Tomas, Associate Consultant at Shega, there is an emerging scene in the edtech ecosystem in Ethiopia and there are over 20 edtech platforms in Addis Ababa. Some of these platforms were able to attract thousands of users, he adds. 

“Generating profits from the education sector, especially from tech-based ventures, is a long-term endeavor that requires years of investment and significant financial resources,” Misiker told Shega.

While Muyalogy boasts over 55,000 registered users eager to access its courses; only 2500 of them are currently paying users. The rest are accessing its free content.

“We are actively establishing connections with various companies like Freelance Ethiopia to create job opportunities for our students,” says Misiker.

In addition, the startup is working on getting its certificates accredited by the Ministry of Education. 


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