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Purpose Black Ethiopia, which recently faced public scrutiny regarding its fundraising practices, has unveiled multiple digital platforms aimed at transforming Ethiopia’s agricultural sector and enhancing consumer experience.

Founded by Dr. Fiseha Eshetu, Purpose Black Ethiopia has been gaining attention since its launch in May 2020. The company’s flagship project, Kegeberew (“Straight from the Farm”), addresses the issue of rising grocery prices by eliminating middlemen.

Through a network of farmers, Kegeberew brings fresh produce directly to consumers, bypassing brokers and offering competitive prices. However, in 2023, Purpose Black’s attempt to raise funding for its Kegebrewu Tower stirred controversy due to the phrasing of its share-selling announcement and advertisements.

Purpose Blacks’s six new digital products aim to further empower farmers and improve consumer access to information and services. These solutions are- 

  • Kegeberew Agricultural Products Sourcing (KAPS): An e-commerce platform that connects consumers with KeGeberwu Shop
  • Kegeberew Consumer Credit Management (KCCM): Offers credit services to individuals and organizations buying agricultural products from KeGeberwu.
  • Kegeberew Learning Management System (KLMS): Provides online access to skill-enhancement courses, with plans to expand into online degree programs.
  • Kegeberew Television Streaming: Delivers news and information through video and audio, aiming to become a reliable source on mobile phones.
  • Kegeberew Order and Delivery Tracking (KOT): A system that enables real-time tracking of orders placed through.
  • China to Africa: An e-commerce platform connecting African consumers with industrial products directly from China.

Ammanuel Melese, Head of Purpose Black’s IT department, told Shega that all the applications are being developed in-house.

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