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Mastercard Foundation’s EdTech Monday’s platform is airing a radio program focusing on how emerging technologies are transforming education in Ethiopia.

The upcoming episode, airing today, May 27, 2024, will discuss the latest advancements in AI, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and advanced analytics and their impact tailored to the Ethiopian context, providing valuable insights and practical examples for listeners.

Across Africa, emerging technologies like online learning platforms, mobile apps, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are changing traditional teaching methods and expanding access to educational opportunities. This trend is particularly relevant in Ethiopia, where these innovations are addressing challenges like limited access to quality education, particularly in rural regions.

The upcoming EdTech Mondays monthly radio show episode will look into the specific ways Ethiopia is harnessing these technologies. Listeners can expect to hear about:

  • How online learning platforms are democratizing education and providing students with a wealth of resources.
  • The use of mobile applications to deliver personalized learning experiences, empowering students to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • The enriching potential of VR and AI in creating more immersive and interactive classroom environments.

The program will be moderated by journalist, producer, and host Rediet Meshesha. Joining her will be a panel of experts, including technology specialists, educators, and EdTech entrepreneurs. These discussions

The program will air at 8:10 p.m. EAT on Fana FM 98.1 and 10 other affiliated FM radio stations across Ethiopia.

Listeners can also learn more about the Mastercard Foundation’s EdTech Mondays initiative and its commitment to fostering a more equitable education system in Africa by visiting

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