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Telebirr has set transaction fees that users will be charged when they send money using the platform. The tariffs, which were announced on Ethio Telecom’s website, depend on the amount of the transaction and the type of transaction customers make (i.e., sending or withdrawing).

Cash deposits into Telebirr are always free, regardless of transaction size. In addition, Telebirr users are allowed to make a maximum of two free transactions per day per recipient or per agent for an amount lower than 50 birr.

This means that users can make their first free below-50-birr transfer to anyone. But for the second one to be transferred for free, the money has to be sent to the same receipt.

Transactions above 50 birr will be charged according to tariff ranges. Users will be charged fees starting at 1 birr for transactions between 51 and 100 birr, up to a maximum of 23 birr for withdrawing money above 35,000 birr.

Telebirr will not charge money for actions done on the platform, such as registration, PIN change, and balance query. In addition, airtime purchases, bill payments, and receiving international remittances, receiving and sending money from a linked bank account to telebirr remain free.


Telebirr Paid Services Ranges and Tariffs

Min. transaction (Br.) Max. transaction amount (Br.) Money transfer to other Telebirr users tariffs (Br) Over-the-counter money transfer (via Agent) Tariffs (Br) Money withdrawal tariffs (Br)
1 50 Free Free Free
51 100 1 2 2
101 300 2 4 4
301 500 4 7 6
501 1000 5 10 8
1001 3000 7 14 10
3001 5000 9 18 12
5001 8000 12 22 15
8001 15000 17
15001 20000 19
20001 35000 22
35001 50000 23

Cash deposit fee is FREE for any transaction amount.



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