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Nuha Roadside Assistance, a local automotive company, has launched a subscription-based platform that provides drivers with the ability to call mechanics in the event of a car breakdown.

The company, officially inaugurated yesterday March 30, 2023, has stated that it has deployed mechanics in all of the sub-cities of Addis Ababa. These mechanics are equipped with electric motorcycles that allow them to reach damaged cars within 15-30 minutes.

Nuha is available on Android as well as through a call center at 6516. Offering solutions to minor car issues, its subscription offers start from three months for 825 birr up to 3,000 birr for a yearly subscription. Users can use Telebirr or CBE to settle payments.

The company aims to attract over 120,000 customers within the next six months. If the damaged vehicles have issues beyond repair, the company says it will transport them to their desired location with a tow truck.

According to Fitsum Zecharias, General Manager at Nuha Roadside Assistance, the fees charged by mechanics during a service call are not fixed and are determined based on negotiations, causing unnecessary disputes and fraudulent activities.

Nuha aims to standardize the service and says its goal is to ensure the safety of its members and protect them from abuse. To guarantee the service’s effectiveness and professionalism, Nuha added that it has onboarded experts like Inspector Asefa Mezgebu to serve as consultants.

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