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Ethiopian startup BTnet Technology Solutions has launched Negari a text-to-speech platform that supports the Amharic language.

Negari converts text into natural-sounding speech and analyzes tone and context to generate expressive and engaging speech that reflects the text. It also supports various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, and AAC. Users can easily download and share results on Negari without needing advanced technical skills or additional software.

Text-to-speech technology (TTS) is a rapidly evolving field that translates written text into spoken language, making digital content more accessible and interactive for users.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Negari utilizes leading Cloud AI Technologies provided by tech giants such as Microsoft Azure to offer its users the tool for generating natural-sounding speech from text.

Cloud AI Technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning algorithms, are designed to recognize patterns in data, enabling the platform to produce more realistic and human-like speech.

Other platforms providing Amharic TTS with similar voices include MicMonster and MetaAppz. Currently, Amharic TTS platforms primarily use two voices: Ameha (male) and Mekedes (female).

Users can test a live demo on Negari before signing up. Negari provides prepaid plans to cater to varying user needs, with options starting from as low as 250 birr for 50,000 characters to 5,000 birr for 1,000,000 characters. As an exclusive offer, customers signing up within the next 48 hours can convert up to 60,000 characters of text to voice for free.

Amharic TTS platforms can be utilized across various sectors, including education, news and media, and podcast creation. Educational institutions can leverage Amharic TTS to provide audio versions of textbooks, lectures, and study materials, making content more accessible for students with disabilities or those who prefer to learn by listening.

On the other hand, some local platforms also provide Amharic speech-to-text conversion powered by Google.

Apart from Amharic, Negari’s text-to-speech platform also supports a wide range of other languages and dialects.

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