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Kulu Network, a media and telecommunication company, in collaboration with Ethio Telecom is launching ELFF Games, Ethiopia’s first play-to-earn gaming service, where players get a chance to earn in-game assets that can be transferred to the real world valuable resources.

ELFF Games is a gaming progressive web app, a type of application software delivered through the web. Users will play the various mobile games on ELFF online, such as trivia, tournaments, battles, and open challenge games.

The games on ELFF Games come from OnMobile, an Indian telecommunication company that develops games, videos, tones, and contests.

Ethio Telecom and ELFF Games brought OnMobile games to Ethiopia to allow players to compete in games and win different prizes.

Currently, players will be able to collect coins and gain points, which they will later be able to convert into mobile prepaid cards, internet packages, and so on.

“Kulu Network plans on forming contracts and agreements with different companies and institutes and bringing on better prizes for winners,” Kidus Dagnachew, CEO of Kulu Networks, told Shega.

Winners are chosen by competing on the leader board of each game, which has a ranking for the number of coins and wins the players get.

ELFF Games is a subscription-based service and will cost players 2 birr per day, but the first three days will be free. Subscription fees are deducted from airtime.

To subscribe to the games on ELFF games, all users have to do is go to the website on their mobile devices and follow the steps or subscribe by sending OK to 9672.

Click here to play ELFF Games.

ELFF Games is not a downloadable app; instead, it is a progressive web app, which is a website that looks and acts as if it is a mobile app.

Progressive web apps are cloud-based apps designed to take advantage of native mobile device features without requiring the end user to visit an app store, make a purchase, and download software locally and without the constant need to enter the app store and update it every time.

Kidus also mentions that in the future, Kulu networks plan on integrating Ethiopian-made games into ELFF Games. They also have an idea of creating an incubation program for Ethiopian coders and game creators, which gives them the opportunity to be recognized and gives them a platform to grow.

The founders of Kulu Networks, established six years ago, Kidus Dagnachew, Fikrie Abebe, and Meaza Wondemeneh, are architects and businessmen and are also the co-founders of Nahoo TV.

The platform is only available to Ethio-Telecom subscribers. Kulu Network also plans to launch ELFF Music, a music streaming platform for streaming and listening to music, in collaboration with Ethio-Telecom in the coming month.

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  • Yared Zewdu, August 16, 2022 @ 6:03 pm

    How can i start playing

  • Endalkachew Mengist, December 15, 2022 @ 12:00 pm

    አንዴ suscribe ካደረጉ በኋላ unsuscribe ለማድረግ የሚችልበት መንገድ ብታስቀምጡት ብዙ ሰው cofidence ይሰማዋል

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