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Jasiri, the prominent entrepreneurship development program, has opened its doors once again, inviting aspiring young entrepreneurs from Ethiopia to apply for its Talent Investor program.

With a unique approach that puts individuals at the forefront, Jasiri aims to nurture and support the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs in Africa.

Supported by Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy, Jasiri is a fully funded, 13-month program designed to empower visionary minds and aspiring entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional entrepreneurship programs that often prioritize ideas or companies, Jasiri’s approach focuses on the individual behind the venture.

Jasiri will guide program participants from idea generation, validation, prototyping, and market entry to venture creation. The program will introduce Jasiri Fellows to equally ambitious co-founders and will support them on an individual, team, and business level.

Now in its fifth cohort, Jasiri is on the hunt for those who can create innovative solutions to challenging problems, harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to bring about significant societal impact.

Successful applicants will first undergo an online program to introduce them to business and entrepreneurship essentials as well as industry research. Fellows will then attend an intensive residential program where they will form teams, put together ideas, and test and validate them.

The Jasri Talent Investor program includes a mandatory 3-month residential intensive in Bugesera, Rwanda. To date, JASIRI has enrolled 25 aspiring entrepreneurs from Ethiopia in its Talent Investor program.

With a deadline of October 17, 2023, Jasiri invites you to apply and, through the various selection processes, demonstrate what makes you the next high-impact entrepreneur who may come up with Africa’s next high-growth venture.

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