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Gooday Online LLC. launched its innovative marketing mobile app named GoodayOn in Ethiopia.

Gooday Online is a digital marketing company set on creating a digital space that unleashes the possibilities of gig economy for a wide range of day-to-day services in Ethiopia.

The company focuses on providing services that will disrupt the traditional marketing/advertising industry in Ethiopia. By building a digital marketing automation service in business-to-business and business-to-consumer ecosystems, it’s expected to enable users to find service providers faster and create more hiring opportunities for gig workers who are severely impacted by the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Gooday Online, launched its first mobile app, GoodayOn (Amharic: ጉዳይ-ኦን) aligning with the Ethiopian New Year (2013). GoodayOn enables users to find a wide range of independent service providers (gig workers) based on location and interest. These service providers range from domestic workers/maids, nannies, hairstylists to auto-mechanics, and more.

Users now don’t need to make trips or multiple phone calls to find such service providers, they now have options from available nearby providers and get connected directly either by making a phone call or SMS messaging. And for anyone who wants to earn more local gigs, they can also join the platform as a service provider and promote their services. GoodayOn is available for download from Playstore and Appstore.

Gooday Online has more services and apps planned to be launched down the road. These services will be the building blocks of a scalable platform that will enable the digital presence of small-to-medium size businesses and independent service providers that are ubiquitous in the Ethiopian way of life.

In the long run, Gooday Online works towards establishing itself as a key player in B2B2C digital marketing automation and DAAS (Data-As-A-Service) platform in Africa.

Al Abreha, Founder & CEO of Gooday Online LLC, says “ Enabling the digital presence of small-medium size businesses and independent gig workers will create a space to build a digital marketing platform that aligns with the Ethiopian way of life. These gig workers are already ubiquitous in our daily lives, Gooday Online adds value by enabling these gig workers through technology, which saves time and increases customer leads. We are on track towards onboarding 1000 gig workers onto our platform in the capital, and making GoodayOn a household name in Addis Ababa is our goal in the new Ethiopian new year. We have also laid down a strategy to expand our user base to the other 12 most populous cities in Ethiopia.”

We believe by matching gig workers and customers through GoodayOn based on their locations, it will make a dent in reducing crowds relying on public transportation systems and overall traffic patterns in the long run. While creating hiring opportunities for the low economy class gig workers, the reduction of mobility in search of gigs is a positive factor towards the efforts of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic” adds Tigist Afework, Director of Marketing and Business Development of Gooday Online LLC.

Gooday Online LLC. is founded by a team of technology professionals based in the US with decades of industry experience working for some of the leading technology and media companies.

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