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Gebeya Inc, the Addis Ababa-based African marketplace for freelance professional talent, has partnered with the Blacks In Technology (BIT) Foundation, a global community of people of African descent in technology.

The alliance between the two organizations aims to address both the demand and supply-side of skilled tech talent by becoming a connective medium for people of African descent to network, providing a freelance marketplace.

Through the partnership, Gebeya will grow its capacity and connect its freelancers in the diaspora community to African-Americans, Caribbeans, and newly-migrated Africans. Meanwhile, the BIT global community, composed of more than 17,000 members of African descent in 5 different continents, will join Gebeya’s Pan-African network of tech professionals.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Software engineering talent from the BIT network will have the opportunity to pass through Gebeya’s vetting processes and instantly access a broad range of benefits, such as internationally-accredited upskilling programs and job opportunities.

Similarly, Gebeya will double its pool of exclusive talent for its marketplace and expand its client base to match them with hiring companies on various continents.

The disproportionate employment of Black Americans in the United States and the surging unemployment in African countries, including experienced and senior-level tech talent deficit across Africa, are grounds the new partnership aims to tap into.

By leveraging African talent and building a widespread network that connects them to companies aiming to close the gap on racial disparity, the partnership seeks to address the continent’s tech industry and employment challenges.

Furthermore, the two partners believe their alliance will be beneficial in connecting people inextricably linked in culture, language, and creativity to work together and support one another.

“We recognize that a coalition between our organizations will have faster, more powerful, and more impactful traction if we come together, especially now,” says Amadou Daffe, CEO & Co-founder of Gebeya.

“The need to create strong ties between organizations with similar objectives is crucial in empowering African talents and bridging the gap in supply and demand-side in Africa and the Americas,” he added.

“We’re thrilled to announce this strategic partnership which will reinforce and expand the resources we offer to our members,” says Dennis Schultz, Executive Director, Blacks In Technology Foundation.

Dennis added, “We currently offer job boards, career fairs, professional networking opportunities, and mentorship to advance career readiness.  Now, we will build a bridge with a talent partner based in Africa, and we couldn’t be more excited.”


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