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The founders of YES, a prominent job marketplace in Ethiopia have launched Palm Jobs, a job board that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the job search and recruitment process.

Palm Jobs, which went live on February 7, 2024, after one year of development, is designed to transform how job seekers advance their careers and how employers discover new talent.

“We are excited to introduce a platform that not only leverages our experience in the Ethiopian job market but also incorporates AI technology,” said Beza Dabi, co-founder of Palm Jobs and YES | Your Employment Solutions.

Key features of the platform include the Resume Crafter, a tool that employs AI to assist job seekers in customizing their resumes to align with job descriptions, thereby increasing their visibility to potential employers.

Another notable feature is the Job Description Developer, designed to aid employers in creating job listings using AI insights, ensuring they attract candidates who meet their organizational standards. Palm Jobs also boasts advanced search and filtering capabilities. Palm Jobs charges employers starting from 2500 birr to post jobs.

Powered by GPT-4 the team behind YES launched Palm after finding gaps in the Ethiopian labor market.

“With a nation boasting a large population and high unemployment rates, employers often find themselves inundated with hundreds of candidates for a single job post. This results in a laborious process that may not be the most effective, leading to the oversight of potential strong candidates,” stated Meheret Negash, Director at YES Ethiopia, in a conversation with Shega.

Meheret explained that Palm’s AI acts as a co-recruiter, efficiently filtering through these numerous applications. Additionally, on the job seeker side, Palm recommends jobs based on individual profiles, significantly improving their chances of securing suitable employment, Mihret added.

One example that illustrates the magnitude of the challenge is an incident that happened two years ago, in which Safaricom Ethiopia reported receiving a staggering 130,000 applications for its young graduates’ program, which had only 150 open slots.

YES (Your Employment Solutions) was launched in 2015 and offers recruitment, payroll, and HR outsourcing services. It has served over 200 clients and delivered its services more than 1500 times

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