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A Finnish-Ethiopian startup has entered Ethiopia’s job market with an online recruitment software called Fairway.

The tech startup, which aims to provide a smooth, quick, and cost-effective recruitment process, brings new features to Ethiopia’s existing job portals.

Fairway, which has two front ends: one for job seekers and one for hiring companies, provides a skill-based matching algorithm where companies can filter applicants based on the required skill set for job positions.

Co-founded by Henrik Metsämäki, CEO, and Heikki Ruhanen, COO, the software uses an online CV builder system where applicants fill in details of their educational background and work experience.

For job seekers, this feature helps them apply for jobs easily and efficiently by storing all their information in one place and just submitting it to the job they want to apply for, instead of having to fill in the same information multiple times every time they apply for a new job.

By analyzing the data in their CV, Fairway also sends them opportunities that accurately match their skills and interests through email and text alerts, ensuring they hear from companies that require their skill set.

Hiring companies can use skills and requirement filters to pick the most suitable candidates. This makes going through thousands of applications easier, reducing the time and cost needed to manually check and go through each applicant’s CV.

Another new feature Fairway brings is to solve the hassles and inconveniences job seekers go through while waiting for a response from the company they applied to.

Currently, most companies only contact candidates that get accepted or pass to the next stage. Fairway addresses this issue as it automatically lets the applicant know when they have been taken out of consideration. It also informs them of why they were not selected and what they lacked.

Additionally, Fairway is aiming to decrease corruptive and nepotistic ways of hiring and wants to make the recruitment process fair, hence the name Fairway.

“We believe that through accurate data and technology, we have more possibilities to reach and hire the right people for the right jobs,” Henrik Metsämäki, co-founder and CEO of Fairway, states.

Fairway will also use job seekers’ profile data, assessments, tests, and history of interviews to shortlist and match them with new hiring companies.

Currently, at the pilot stage, Fairway is launching its service focusing on the financial sector and plans to add more companies and employers with time. They also plan on having a downloadable application later on, but for now, the cloud-based web app is accessible via mobile and computers.

Fairway services are free for job seekers but will have additional premium features for businesses.

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