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The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Authority (EIPA) has developed an Intellectual Property (IP) Marketplace to facilitate the commercialization of granted inventions by making detailed information about the inventions and contact details of owners available to the general public on the web.

The IP Platform provides a centralized and easily accessible place to list patents and inventions that are available for licensing, with a voluntary listing of patents and patent applications.

Patent owners can fill out and submit a consent form to the Authority to permit their inventions or patents to be listed on this platform and made available for commercialization.

If investors are interested in one or more inventions or patents listed, they too can fill out and submit a patent request form to apply for licensing. The platform contains information on the type of invention, the patent holder, the patent grant date, and the licensing option.

The EIPA is a government agency in Ethiopia responsible for administering and enforcing laws related to intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights.

IP marketplaces can provide many benefits to inventors looking to find investors for their rights, including increased visibility, access to a larger pool of investors, increased efficiency, improved transparency, better protection for creators, and advanced searching and matching functionalities.

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