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Y-Tech (Youth Technology), an Ethiopian tech startup that provides digital solutions for local and international businesses launch its Ethio Locate Application.

Ethio Locate is a travel guide platform that helps users find places and information in Ethiopia for free through a simple process. The platform helps Ethiopian businesses and organizations to get a digital profile which paves an easy way to advertise products and services online.

The app is that is currently available on Android is built on Ethio Locate web platform which has been live for one year now and has built a good reputation from users.

In the platform, a user is able to find the location of guest houses, Hotels, Museums, restaurants, parks, and various other places across the country.

Yishak Amdeselassie, CEO and founder of Ethio Locate said “we have been working on our platform for some time now, gathering requirements from our potential customers and users so we could build a platform that the customers need and that would tackle the challenge of getting an organized and filtered digital data under one place.”

Ethio Locate team started working on the platform based on the personal struggles they faced to find information and locations when traveling to different cities across Ethiopia.

However, they also later learned that tourists coming from different parts of the globe have also been facing the same challenge. They realized it’s hard to get adequate and updated information about accommodations and service providers during Tourist’s travels in the country

Ethio Locate believes service providers are also in need of a platform to showcase their relevant information to their customers online.

This challenge has inspired the Ethio Locate team to build a platform that would fill the gap and act as a bridge between service providers and their customers by providing a digital profile for service providers and assisting customers as their own friendly travel companion.

Yishak added, “ Ethio Locate gives service for event organizers to announce, schedule and locate their events and also manage their booking through our Ethio Locate Events service. We also advertise our country’s tourist attractions and destinations and the history of our great country through well-organized content written by in-house content creators that are Ethiopians because we believe our country’s history needs to be written and advertised by ourselves.”

What features do Ethio Locate’s platforms offer?

  • A digital profile for service providers to promote their services through a business tag and category, description of their services. This is supported by images, videos, or GIFs, and working hours, price range, city, specific address, and contact information including their phone contacts, social links, and email.
  • Rating and Reviewing capabilities for users to give feedback on the services they have received.
  • Nearby places to discover places in a close Users can set up to 50 KMs radius of their current location in the application and up to 1000 KMs in the website to look for and visit what these places have to offer.
  • Search for your favorite places supported by filters based on categories and cities.
  • Multiple language support making the platform convenient for both local users and tourists

Ethio Locate has big plans for the platform down the road and aspires to be the ultimate guide to travel in Ethiopia. You can download the app on Google Play Store.  

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