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A local firm specializing in consultancy and communications, KEMMCOM, has collaborated with Meta to train teens on responsible online behavior.  The program, called My Digital World Ethiopia, was launched on October 22, 20222, and seeks to understand and provide insight on issues affecting young Ethiopians aged 13–18 around digital well-being and responsible online behavior.

A selected 60 private high schools in Addis Ababa will collaborate with KEMMCOM to carry out the program. The schools will provide training facilities for students, as well as select ICT teachers for the program, and make them available for training-of-trainer sessions that will be run by KEMMCOM.

KEMMCOM, an advisory firm operating in the nexus of business, government, and civil society, trains the ICT teachers with six training modules.

The teachers will then take part in an assessment prepared and then proceed to train students. Certificates will be issued to the teachers at the end of the program.

The students will be trained in their schools by their ICT teachers as a complementary after-school program, take part in an assessment, and get certified.

According to Data Reportal, an online reference library, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Ethiopia, with almost 5.95 million users in early 2022.

Ethiopia’s internet penetration rate stood at 25.0 percent of the total population, and there were 6.35 million social media users in Ethiopia in January 2022.

This is another collaboration to come from the social media giant after last month’s partnership in which Meta joined hands with the Ministry of Labour and Skills and Summer Media to launch Meta Boost in Ethiopia.

Meta Boost is a business program that aims to offer micro, small and medium business owners an opportunity to learn more about how digital tools can be used for business growth while also making meaningful connections with potential consumers.

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