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QesBeQes project, an initiative aimed at modernizing agricultural education, has graduated five startups dedicated to digitizing agricultural training modules.

The five new platforms, Enkoy, I Learn Ethiopia, Ebrana, Be’and, and Senq, present existing training modules in engaging ways, utilizing gamified approaches, animated videos, and artistic explanations.

Executed by xHub Addis, Qesbeqes is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agriculture Transformation Insitute, and GIZ.

The project tackles the challenge of digitalizing agriculture by developing engaging learning modules for agricultural development agents. These agents play a crucial role in supporting farmers at the ground level. 

At a closing ceremony for QesBeQes held today, May 24, 2024, at the Best Western Hotel, Markus Koerner, Project Manager at GIZ, noted that 25 agricultural development agent training modules have been successfully digitized.

Markus added that agriculture is still the heart of the Ethiopian economy, and it takes a lot of grit to be an entrepreneur in Ethiopia. He further explained the digitization of the modules has been done in collaboration with the Minister of Agriculture.

Rebecca Mulugeta, Project Manager of QesBeQes, stated that the startups received tailored training and participated in field trips to enhance audience awareness and tailor their content accordingly.

“The project has been going on for the past seven months. We have incubated five startups, two of which have already secured a contract to work with GIZ to digitize modules,” said Tewodros Tadesse, CEO of X hub Addis.

Eyob Teklay, Co-founder and CMO of Enkoy told Shega that Enkoy has already started working with GIZ, securing a 1.3 million-birr contract to digitize work modules and manuals. As part of the project, Eyob said their startup has digitized five modules with animated videos and pictures. Eyob mentioned that he met his five other co-founders at the tanning.

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