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ZMall Delivery has won 3rd place at a pitch competition held at GITEX 2022, one of the world’s largest startup and tech conferences with over 100,000 attendees.

The annual tech expo in Dubai which aims to celebrate new cutting-edge technologies that are being created around the world also holds the NorthStar Supernova competition to put a spotlight on all the up-and-coming startups from around the world.  This year the pitch competition had a special focus on Africa, creating the Africa Fast Award Competition for all the companies creating innovative solutions in Africa.

As a lead-up to this event, a delegation from GITEX Global traveled around Africa throughout the year, holding regional qualification competitions in several African countries. During the regional competition that took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, ZMall Delivery & Solutions was chosen to represent Ethiopia at the annual conference.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

From the 1400 African companies reviewed, GITEX chose 100 to represent Africa at the Summit that took place between October 10th and 14th, 2022.

From these 100, 20 companies were chosen as semifinalists and took part in the Supernova Pitch competition in the “Africa Fast Award” category, and ZMall Delivery ended up placing third in the competition.

A product of a local technology firm, ETTA Technology Solutions, Zmall delivers food from restaurants, groceries, and supermarkets, as well as beverages, flowers, and beauty products from suppliers. The platform that aggregates suppliers while also providing package delivery service aims to be a one-stop online shop.

ETTA is also preparing to launch an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution called Zoorya. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations.

ETTA also aims to provide an affordable EPR solution to 95% of MSME’s in Ethiopia that believe ERP is out of their reach Zoorya and integrate it into Zmall as a feature for vendors.

A Dutch startup that develops solar-powered water purification technology, was announced as the winner of the Supernova Challenge at North Star, securing the top prize of $100,000, with 13 category winners each taking home $8,000 in prize money from the competition.

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Kaleab Girma, an Addis Ababa-based reporter and researcher, with over six years of experience in the field. He currently serves as Shega's Editor-in-Chief and specializes in reporting on small businesses, innovation, technology, and startups in Ethiopia.

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