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ZamZam Bank, the pioneer in offering interest-free banking services in Ethiopia, has introduced an innovative mobile banking app, ZamZam Mobile, which operates without an internet connection.

The app, released this week, enables customers to transfer funds, purchase airtime, make monthly payments, and access various services from the comfort of their homes.

ZamZam Mobile works independently of data services, making it accessible anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Previously, mobile banking users in Ethiopia could access their accounts and perform transactions through their respective banks’ mobile apps or USSD numbers.

The ZamZam app cleverly combines both features, enabling transactions without requiring internet access. As users interact with the app, commands are transmitted to the core banking system via USSD.

USSD-based mobile banking is a communication protocol that allows GSM cellular networks to communicate directly with the service provider’s computer.

To use this service, customers can register by dialing *600# and entering the requested information or by visiting their home branch.

ZamZam Bank is the first financial institution to receive a license from the National Bank of Ethiopia to operate as a fully-fledged interest-free bank, a practice more in demand with communities adhering to the Islamic faith. ZamZam entered the market with a subscribed capital of 1.6 billion birr mobilised from over 11,000 shareholders.

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