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YeHulum Technologies Launches a Prime LMS ( Learning Management System) that is being offered to schools in Ethiopia.

YeHulum announced the launch of a prototype learning management system it developed, Prime LMS, which enables schools to continue coursework that has been abruptly halted in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic according to a press release sent to Shega.

YeHulum is currently engaging schools to initially pilot then do a rapid rollout of Prime LMS. St. Joseph School – Addis Ababa is currently rolling out Prime LMS having gone live on 14 the April 2020.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Prime LMS will enable St. Joseph School to minimize the impacts of having suddenly stopped schooling operations. YeHulum also believes this offers an opportunity to have a head-start on the move to online learning. In the future, the school will also be able to administer courses beyond its physical boundaries leading to new business opportunities.

“We need to make up for lost time as soon as possible since we don’t know how long this might take,” said Teshager, Partner at YeHulum Technologies.

“YeHulum came to our aid to overcome the challenge we are facing during this period,”
said Brother Amanuel Seifu, Vice-Principal (E-S) at, St. Joseph School. “The platform gave us the opportunity to deliver content and engage students at home. It is helping the kids, I presume, to have materials to read and get busy. We started with 12th graders and now rolling it out to the rest of the school.”

Prime LMS is a cloud-based learning management system ready for rapid deployment, and is part of YeHulum Technologies commitment to contribute its part to the national support for fighting COVID-19 as well as the technological development of Ethiopia.

Yehulum is providing a 90 days free trial period for schools that adopts the platform.

YeHulum Technologies is a US-based company incorporated in 2015 and headquartered in the state of Maryland with a representative office in Ethiopia.

YeHulum was established to provide Consulting and IT Services. The company offers a wide range of products & services intended to provide reliable technological solutions across several industries.

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