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Witnessing the growing number of electric vehicles (EVs), TotalEnergies Ethiopia is integrating electric charging points at its gas stations. The oil company inaugurated its first EV charging station today, located on Bole Airport Road, Bole Matemiya. The fast-charging station, which can serve three cars at a time, is suitable for all types of EVs.

“We are developing the right kinds of EV charging solutions while the legal and market platforms are being crafted. Depending on the development of the market, we have various options to deploy,” reads TotalEnergies marketing material prepared for the launch.

Currently, there are over 100,000 EVs in Ethiopia, while the number of charging stations remains considerably low.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

To accelerate the development of EV charging networks, the Petroleum & Energy Authority is drafting a new directive. This initiative aims to leverage existing gas station infrastructure. The draft policy outlines specifications, permitting processes, and pricing models for establishing EV charging stations at these locations. The Addis Ababa Transport Bureau is also encouraging private investors to join the effort in building charging stations.

There are over 150 gas stations operating under the TotalEnergies, formerly Total Ethiopia, brand in Ethiopia. Half of these are owned by TotalEnergies, who has been operating in Ethiopia for 66 years. 

Depending on its compatibility, an electric vehicle (EV) can be charged in two different ways. AC (Alternating Current) chargers deliver charging powers ranging from 3.7 KVA to 43 KVA and are suitable for individuals wishing to charge their vehicles over a long time. These chargers can be found mainly at home, at the workplace, and in parking lots of public-access buildings. 

Meanwhile, DC (Direct Current) chargers can deliver higher charging powers than AC chargers, from 24 kW up to 350 kW (the maximum power currently supported by only a few vehicles), and are more suited to EV owners wishing to charge rapidly. TotalEnergies accommodates both AC and DC charging connectors, serving all vehicle types.

TotalEnergies also recommendes that EV owners charge their cars between 20% and 80%. “When the battery level reaches 80%, the charging speed drops considerably, and the time needed to go from 80% to 100% will be similar to the time needed to go from 20% to 80%,” states the oil company. 

As part of its 10-year strategic plan, the Ethiopian government plans to set up a total of 2,226 charging stations across the country, including 1,176 stations in the capital, and 1,050 across regional cities.

Globally, TotalEnergies has over 55,000 charging points.

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