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This Ethiopian Startup Delivers Your Food by Bicycle

Tikus is an on-demand food delivery platform that joined the Ethiopian market in May 2021. What differentiates Tikus from other food delivery platforms is it uses only bicycles & e-bikes (non-motor vehicles) to deliver orders.

Tikus is a product of Avenir Technologies. It is founded by 6 young men from diverse backgrounds in tech, business development, and marketing. The team designed Tikus with the aim to provide fast, affordable quality service to users, support local restaurants, and create jobs for the youth.

Tikus has raised a USD six-figure seed investment from a local marketing firm to begin its first phase of operation.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

According to Amir Redwan Tikus’s CEO, Tikus found bicycles & e-bikes to be a healthier and more affordable alternative for motorbikes. “Because bicycles don’t need fuel to operate, Tikus customers can enjoy a lower delivery charge which is 6 ETB per kilometer, and deliveries are made eco-friendly,” Amir told Shega.

Tikus provides its service via three mobile applications designed for its customers, delivery bikers, and restaurants.

For customers, Tikus has Android and iOS mobile applications. Using the app, customers can browse restaurants, order meals, and track their orders. Customers can also make orders via a call center at 9133.

In addition to lower delivery charges, Tikus provides an estimated delivery time, a collection of quality restaurants, and meals delivered hot ‘Tikus’ because of an insulated delivery bag the startup uses.

Restaurants registered on Tikus get sales insights and analytics through their Tikus app. Tikus has registered 50 restaurants in Addis. In its first phase of operation, the startup is targeting to register 200 restaurants in Addis.

Tikus’s delivery Bikers benefit from its flexible working conditions and financial support. Tikus has a program where interested bikers can get a loan to purchase bicycles with a 10% down payment. Tikus plans to create 1000 jobs in its first year of operation.

Tikus plans to achieve its milestone to create 1000 jobs with the support of ‘The BRIDGES Programme. The BRIDGES Programme is a Mastercard Foundation (YAW) supported program, that promotes job creation and is implemented by First Consult.

Amir mentioned, “Bicycles are more affordable than motorbikes, which means more people especially young people can start earning money as Tikus Bikers with a small initial cost.

In addition, Tikus trains its bikers on food safety and hygiene, and service excellence. Just recently Tikus had announced the completion of training for the first batch of Tikus bikers. Since its launch on May 26th Tikus has onboarded 100+ delivery bikers.

Tikus aims to grow into a consumer faced environmentally conscious company that delivers excellent service to its customers and promotes youth employment.

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