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Ethiopia on Monday, March 26 closed schools across the country and banned all public gatherings, including sports events, for 15 days.

Following that, Yhow in collaboration with xHub have announced that they decided to provide there software as a service technology for free for higher education institutions in order to help them teach digitally.

Yhow Solutions is a digital educational content sharing platform. It allows lecturers to easily share learning & course materials, embed educational videos, link reference sites & upload study guides for their students conveniently.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Using Yhow’s mobile & web app, instructors in higher education institutions can continue educating their students conveniently maintaining social distancing.

The technology aggregates learning materials that are available in every institution of higher education in the country and provides convenient access to the resources in a very organized manner.

Students enrolled in various universities and colleges can benefit from the platform by having aggregated learning materials from their instructors as well as from other lecturers in a similar department and course via an easy to use mobile App.

The way it works is that Instructors will upload educational contents and students will be notified when new contents are uploaded from their instructors.

All the contents shared by instructors for their students are organized just like the physical classroom which is on campuses, department and years; all students have to do is log in as if they are entering their classroom by selecting the institution they learn in. Once they logged in to their digital classroom the system will save their account so they wouldn’t have to go through the same process again and again.  

After they logged in, they will find all the courses they learn listed down structurally and all the listed courses are managed and shared by their own instructors.

According to Yhow, all in a all students can get educational videos covering their topic of lessons, course materials prepared by their own instructors, Easy to grasp and attractive educational infographics , the latest research on their topic of interests  and tips and tricks of studying and many more.

Students also have the ability to download all types of contents and study(access) them offline. 

Institutions who wants to get access to the platform can sign up here.


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