All Rights Technologies PLC launches a digital audio entertainment platform Teraki. Teraki mainly produces, streams, and distributes original Ethiopian audio content. Audio contents featured on Teraki are audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, and stories. It was founded in June 2020 by Nahom Tsegaye and Abel Engida.

Teraki” is an Amharic word that translates to – Narrator, defining the core feature of the app.

The founders of Teraki believe informative, and entertaining Ethiopian audio content is being drowned on international streaming platforms. They believe listeners have a hard time discovering the contents, and content creators face difficulties marketing them.

Observing the gap between listeners and creators, Teraki was born to serve as a bridge between the two. Teraki plans to do so through a user-friendly and demand-driven audio content streaming and distribution platform.

Teraki has two product offerings; Teraki Productions and Teraki App. Teraki Productions connects creators and right holders with professional narrators to create audiobooks or audio versions of their original contents in their own studio.

Teraki podcasts are also recorded and produced by the Teraki production. In addition, it offers studio time for creators to record their content and host it on the app.

On the other hand, Teraki App is a platform that streams and sells audio copies of books, original Ethiopian podcasts, radio shows, and stories, locally and internationally.

Users can acquire Teraki’s content for free, but the content on Teraki’s Paywall can only be accessed through direct purchase, and subscription.

Nahom told Shega, “Users will have options to use international debit and credit cards and local payment methods to purchase these audiobooks. For the initial release of the App Teraki is putting out its free content for users.”

Nahom added, “We are currently working to integrate local digital payment solutions with our platform and will begin accepting payment from our Ethiopian users soon.”

The founders, Nahom & Abel have launched two other companies called CityFarms & ShirShir. CityFarms is an urban vertical farming solutions company. Teraki was funded by revenue generated from the founders’ other establishment ShirShir which is a travel management agency.

Teraki has launched its Android app on June 30th, 2021 with 30 audiobooks and 100 original podcast episodes available for free. Gursha Podcast, Zemach FM, and Orbit Cast by Orbit innovation hub are some of the podcasts available on Teraki now. Nahom has assured Shega that the iOS version will be released soon.


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