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Upon approval of the National Bank of Ethiopia to venture into digital financial services, Ethio Telecom has announced it will be launching the long-awaited Mobile Money Service in the coming two weeks.

Ethio Telecom’s new product TeleBirr is a mobile money solution developed by Ethio Telecom for its customers. It is a service that will enable cashless transactions through an electronic account on mobile devices.

As reported by Capital Ethiopia, the TeleBirr service will allow payment for goods and services, utility bill payments to vendors, money transfer to other accounts, and mobile remittance.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

To register for TeleBirr, the customer will need to visit an agent outlet or Ethio Telecom Shop, have a mobile phone with an Ethio Telecom sim card, and bring a valid identification document.

This is another major development Ethio Telecom has made this month following the launch of its 4G LTE services in North West, Southern, and East Ethiopia.

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