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TalentHub Ethiopia, a new online talent-sourcing platform, has commenced operations with the aim of bridging the gap between businesses and skilled professionals in the country. TalentHub empowers businesses to discover and recruit exceptional talent while enabling individuals to secure fulfilling opportunities aligned with their aspirations.

“We envision a transformative landscape where Ethiopian talent not only receives recognition but rises to new heights, cultivating a vibrant and diverse talent pool and facilitating meaningful connections with opportunities that resonate with their skills and passions,” said Biruk Erjamo, founder of TalentHub.

The platform aims to address longstanding challenges for both talent and employers by introducing new features, such as an Integrated Application Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies hiring and Escrow Service, ensuring secure transactions with funds held until obligations are met by both parties. Additionally, the platform features Talent Matching, Resume generation, and streamlined hiring processes.

The platform boasts a vetting process that includes application review, reference checks, alignment assessments, needs analysis, and mutual expectations agreements.

TalentHub Ethiopia has already commenced operations and acquired over 1000 diverse talents across twenty-two categories.

Employers pay a nominal fee per job post, with free posting for companies registered under the regular plan. Enhanced visibility through promoted posts costs 500 birr.

The platform is supported by a team of five professionals based in Ethiopia, bringing together diverse skills in software development, digital marketing, and UI/UX design. The founder, Biruk, has a background in data engineering and recognized the challenges faced by talented individuals while working for a US-based firm, inspiring him to develop solutions to bridge the existing gap.


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