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Ethiopian startup Awura Computing, co-founded by siblings Nardos and Senay Amdework, has launched Owl Events—an all-encompassing web and mobile app-based event management platform that enables businesses to organize events, sell tickets, and efficiently monitor and manage attendees.

“Hosting an event involves numerous tasks such as logistics, project management, securing a venue, RSVP, and selling tickets. Event organizers in Ethiopia have been using separate services like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster for these specific tasks,” Nardos explained. Owl Events seeks to consolidate these event hosting functions into a unified platform allowing organizers to save time and concentrate on delivering successful events.

Apart from managing contact databases, Owl Events incorporates a built-in email marketing platform for organizers to communicate with their contacts effectively. Additionally, the platform provides valuable data for event sponsors by collecting and analyzing information such as names, ages, and gender.

Nardos emphasized the importance of numbers for event sponsors, stating, “Our platform enables them to make better decisions about reaching specific targets when they want to sponsor events.”

Launched just three months ago, Owl Events has already secured prominent organizers like 251 and Flawless Events. Over 11,000 tickets have been sold, showcasing Owl’s growing traction within the Ethiopian event space.

The Entrepreneurial Siblings

Nardos is an architecture graduate with previous experience in biotechnology, while her brother Senay has a background in various technology sectors, including an advisory role for the Prime Minister’s office.

Despite their lack of involvement in event hosting, Owl showcases their innovative approach. For example, after booking a venue, organizers can request the startup generate floor plans and 3D models of the event space, allowing vendors to digitally visualize and purchase available booths.

Furthermore, Owl’s role- and permission-based system allows multiple users with different access levels to work seamlessly on the same event. Tasks can be assigned, monitored, and tracked within the platform, ensuring smooth execution.

Ticket sales and subscriptions constitute the startup’s revenue streams. Owl Events has integrated with various payment systems, including Arifpay, YenePay, Chapa, and Telebirr. Subscription options on Owl range from a basic three-month membership costing 7,000 birr to a premium annual membership at 139,000 birr.

For attendees and the general public, Owl opens a window to the city’s vibrant event scene. Users can search for and filter events by location, category, and price. Ticket purchases and attendance history are conveniently stored on their phones, simplifying the experience.

The platform currently operates in four languages: Amharic, English, Arabic, and Swahili, to accommodate its African vision.

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