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Huawei’s Role in the Digital Transformation of Ethiopia

Huawei, a telecommunication infrastructure provider in Ethiopia, has been in the news lately.  Ethio Telecom’s recent 4G LTE expansion across the country has been possible through the partnership with Huawei. In the month of April alone, Huawei and Ethio Telecom have launched 4G LTE service in North West  & East Ethiopia.

In another development, Huawei also signed an MoU with Jobs Creation Commission last week to train and certify students and professionals in the ICT and Telecom sector.  This program aligns with JCC’s 20 million jobs by 2030 strategic plan, and through this partnership, 4000 young people from 100 Higher education institutes will be trained and certified.

This initiative is believed to create competent professionals who will contribute to the digital transformation of Ethiopia in the coming years. The MOU is part of Huawei’s plans to contribute to young Ethiopians ICT capacity.

Huawei currently reports that it created over 300 jobs and benefited over 45.8 million people with its services and products in Ethiopia. Huawei’s active engagement in the telecommunication infrastructure primarily the recent 4G LTE expansion and its recent initiatives to grow the ICT sector development make the company a key player in the digital transformation of Ethiopia.

Artificial Intelligence Center’s  AI workshop and Exhibition

The Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Center organized an exhibition and workshop in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The Center was established in September of 2020 with the mission to foster the development of a nationally recognized AI ecosystem.  The exhibition hosted at Intercontinental Addis Hotel began on the 15th of April and lasted for four days.

The event kicked off with a research exhibit focusing on the potential impact of AI on specific industry sectors. Following that the center’s ongoing activities to enhance the performance of major industry sectors with AI products and services were showcased.

Amole Launches an International Payment Gateway

Amole and Visa announced a strategic partnership and the launch of the Amole eCommerce Gateway. ” Using Visa CyberSource infrastructure which supports digital payments for merchants and banks. Dashen Bank will be the first bank to use the Amole eCommerce Gateway making it the first Ethiopian bank to acquire all three major international cards (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)”. Read More.

Ethiopian Center for Disability & Development Launched the Ethsl Interpreter System

The system was created to assist people with hearing impairments in communicating at health care facilities. The ETHSL interpreter system is a real-time sign language to text and text-to-sign language translator.  This two-way sign language translator system makes use of a Microsoft Kinect device, which is a human motion-sensing device used to capture hand movements.

The system consists of a desktop application with sign-to text and text-to-sign subsystems, as well as an android application. The ECDD developed the system with the support of the Packard Foundation in collaboration with ASTU.

How This Bootstrapped Ethiopian Startup Is Building Healthtech Solutions For Emerging Markets

Opian is an Ethiopian technology startup that is working to solve challenges in the health sector with integrated, research-based, and AI-powered solutions.  Without venture money, the startup has a set of products that are being deployed across Africa. Read more.

Bank of Abyssinia’s International Payment Gateway Ready For Developers Applications

In another payment gateway updates, the Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) announces that developers can now integrate the Bank’s API to client’s applications and start accepting International payments through MasterCard and Visa.

It can be remembered that in August 2020, the Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) and Visa have announced a strategic partnership to drive e-commerce acquiring through visa CyberSource payment gateway making BoA the first bank in Ethiopia to implement the platform.  Read more.

A UK Healthtech Startup to Invest £250,000 in Ethiopia’s Women in Healthcare

In an effort to drive the digital transformation of Ethiopia’s healthcare Medics Academy; A UK-based health care startup will invest £250,000 to build a digital learning community. The community will be built in partnership with the Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association (EMeWA) and is backed by the Ministry of Health Ethiopia.

Through an innovative learning hub, the program aims to create a force of well-equipped women health care professionals. Read More.

Zemen Bank and Mastercard Launches A Contactless Prepaid Travel Card

Zemen Bank has announced the first-ever contactless prepaid travel card in Ethiopia in partnership with Mastercard. This will enable customers to use their prepaid cards abroad in USD or Euro throughout Mastercard’s POS device & ATMs.

As a result of this new development,  all of Zemen Bank POS machines and most of the ATMs will now also accept contactless Mastercard cards. Read More.

Couriers Companies in Ethiopia Established an Association

Ethiopian Couriers association is established by Industry players to act as representatives of the sector with the various stakeholders. Read more.

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