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Welcome to this week’s edition of Shega Weekly Newsletter ( Issue # 19 ).

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)


Ethiopia’s Quest For Digital ID

The Ministry of Peace completed the first round of operational tests of the new National Digital ID system. The test is part of the pilot project that the government running in partnership with the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) to customize an open-source digital ID foundational system called Modular Open Source Identification Platform (MOSIP).

IIIT-B created MOSIP and according to the statement sent to Shega by the Institution, MOSIP enables countries to build digital foundational ID systems based on their specific needs while ensuring privacy and data protection and security.

“MOSIP is developed as a digital public good inspired by successful global models.  It accommodates best practices of ID projects from across the world such as Aadhar from India, and ID programs of Estonia, Pakistan, and Peru among others.”    MOSIP code can be accessed on Github.

The partnership which was signed between IIIT Bangalore and the Ministry of Peace in June 2020, aimed at IIIT Bangalore supporting Ethiopia with the code and knowledge transfer required to evaluate, customize, and adapt MOSIP to its requirements for the pilot program.

Ministry of Peace is the government entity that is tasked with establishing an identity program and run the digital ID pilot which has an end goal of facilitating online service delivery and enable online authentication.

At the first level pre-implementation test that was completed last week participants provided basic personal information, such as full name,  date of birth,  gender,  citizenship, and address. In addition, biometric data such as a photograph, fingerprints, and iris scan were included.

Our latest infographics shared above visualize details about the digital ID pilot and look at the existing database from various government entities.

Ethio Telecom Launches LTE Advanced Service Outside of Addis Abeba

Ethio Telecom has for the first time launched LTE Advanced Service outside of the Capital.  The expansion, which covered  Adama, Bishoftu, Mojo, Dukem, Gelan, and Awash Melkasa towns,  is part of Ethio Telecom three years growth strategy. Ethio Telecom is expected to launch further expansion to other towns.  Read more.

Pragma Partners with Specific Tools & Techniques Ltd. for the Supply and Deployment of Telecom Infrastructure in Ethiopia

Pragma Investment Advisory partnered with Specific Tools & Techniques Ltd (“ST&T”), a Nigeria-based engineering and facility management company, with the aim of contributing to Ethiopia’s ambitions in building a world-class telecom sector.  Read More.

Time for Telecom Led Mobile Money in Ethiopia? 

Ethio Telecom has finally provided a timeline for when they will launch the long-awaited mobile money service.  According to Addis Fortune, the Mobile money service of the country’s sole Telecom will be launched in 2 months.

Apparently, Ethio Telecom has chosen mobile money solution provider and conducted training for its employees.  Read More.

JCC Launches EnKopa – Ethiopian Entrepreneurship at Work 

Job Creation Commission launches EnKopa ( Ethiopian Entrepreneurship at Work ), a national movement to promote entrepreneurship. Check the launch video.


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