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In this week edition of Shega Weely, we share with you the major stories that happened around, beginning from Boost with Facebook collaboration with a local firm to the new ways to the country is going to execute national exam and more.

Local Company Partners With Facebook to Support Local Small Businesses

Summer media launched a program in collaboration with Facebook to provide training to small businesses with the goal of digital business expansion. The program ( Boost with Facebook) is aiming to train 1,500 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the nation using digital tools and technologies to reach new customers on social media.

The program project to direct new ways to reach out to customers as a response to COVID 19 to equip SMEs with skills that elevate their business presence on the digital platform, precisely Facebook, and broadly to strive in the digital economy. The program has previously reached out to other African countries without the reach of 8,000 small businesses. Learn More

Ethio-Telecom to Start Mobile Money

National Bank of Ethiopia has finally given green-light to Ethio-Telecom to start a mobile money service. As the CEO of Ethio-Telecom mentioned in a consultative meeting held with stakeholders, the company will establish a wing that is going to serve as a strategic business unit that will work on the mobile money services and regulated by NBE.

However neither the Ethiopian Communication Authority now National Bank has confirmed the news to the public yet. Foreign companies that are expected to join the Ethio Telecom market are not allowed to engage in the mobile money service. Load More

National Exam To Be Given via Online

The Minister of Education has announced that for the first time 12-grade university entrance examination will be given online from December 7-10,2020 with tablets provided from the minster to each student.

The expected students to take the test are about 450,000. To overcome the internet connection problem the students might encounter, the Ministry has facilitated networks to selected schools from its satellite. The Ministry has organized 45 days of training to blind students on how to take the exam. More

Addis FinTech Lab to Invest in Fintech Startups

As the Banks, governmental institutions, and organizations develop their process to digitalize their medium of transactions, there is going to be an evolving demand for sectors to work in close collaboration with companies centered in Financial Technology. Addis Fintech lab recently announced it’s interesting to invest 600M Birr in a fintech startup for the next five years and called for startups working on the sector to reach out.

Mastercard to Help Ethiopia Achieve Its Digital Economy by 2025

Mastercard cooperation is aiming to help millions have access to Digital Payment and creating sustainable employment to equip Ethiopian to achieve its digital economy plan. As Raghav Prasad, President for Sub-Saharan Africa of Mastercard cooperation, mentioned they have worked with the Minister of Innovation and Technology already.

Even though they hope to extend work with other departments as well to lay out plans for digitalization to deliver greater efficiencies in public service delivery, improve agricultural productivity, support the expansion of youth employment and deliver better tax collection/ compliance. Mastercard is working to “bring 1billion people, 50 million micro and small business to the digital economy by 2025 and Ethiopia is one of the nations that got an eye in the corporation since Ethiopia is still a cash-based economy. Load More

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