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SelamTech Business PLC announced the launch of its bus e-ticketing system called SmartGuzo.

SmartGuzo is an online cross-country bus ticketing and management system. It is a web-based automated system that wants to digitize the ticketing, seat reservation, payment, check-in, and reporting system of the transport sector.

It offers a variety of options to make it easier for passengers to book a ticket. This includes a call center( 9211 ), Website, and App .

The platform also provides different payment alternatives including a transfer at a nearby bank directly or paying through mobile banking via all the major Banks.

SmartGuzo is multilingual and allows seat reservation and booking a trip. It also gives an option to choose a bus type, easy check-in, track user’s own trip histories, a ticket refund, and cancellation functionalities.

SelamTech has started its very first e-ticketing system with Habesha Bus and is working to bring in other Transport companies to use the SmartGuzo.

SelamTech is a startup established by young University Lecturers. It previously launched a crowdfunding platform called  AgarFund.


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