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SantimPay Financial Technology, which joined Ethiopia’s fintech landscape around a year ago, has announced that the transaction volume on its payment platform has now surpassed 6 billion birr.

The fintech startup also revealed that it has onboarded 2000 merchants, and its payment system, comprising an online payment gateway, mPOS (mobile-point-of-sale), and a Unified Payment Interface (UPI), has been utilized by two million unique users.

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These milestones were disclosed during the inaugural general assembly of SantimPay on January 13, 2024. “Reaching these figures have enabled the company to achieve profitability in a short time,” the company said in a Statement.

SantimPay, with the goal of making payments cashless, easy, and simple, was established in 2021 with a registered capital of 160 million birr and 12 shareholders. It commenced operations in November 2023. 

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