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Ride, a premiere ride hailing startup in Ethiopia is adding a security system to participating vehicles.

This announcement comes at backdrop of some complaints of robberies and life-threatening risks against the drivers despite the fact using online taxi hailing platforms are considered to be safer than traditional taxis.

Duka provided by Horizon express is a GPS tracking system, designed for car and motorcycle surveillance, to enhance driver safety, fleet management and anti-theft security. Duka includes features like Geofencing as well us Real time tracking and alerts.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

The partnership announced by Ride and Horizon express allows vehicles who are in Ride platform to get Duka at 40% discounted price.

Lefayda Micro-Finance another partner of this initiative will provide loan for owners of the vehicles to finance the security system.

According to the press release, there will be a hardware called ‘Duka Ride Panic’ to be installed in dashboard of Car, an app called ‘Ride Panic” to be installed in driver phone and another device to be put inside the car that controls the activity of the car.

In the case of emergency, a driver can hit the ‘Duka Ride Panic’ or report using the Ride Panic App and the ‘Ride Operation Center’ will get the report in real time. Immediately, other Ride Vehicles around the area will be dispatched to vehicle that called the emergency, the data will be dispatched to Police and the car will in be in alert hence will continue to make sounds until it goes to repair shop and fixed.

Samrawit, CEO of Ride said the system and the GPS tracker can easily either be connected or disconnected from any vehicle with the knowledge of the owner.

But if somebody, without the knowledge of the owner, tries to detach it, the system will not allow the engine to work, she said.

“That will help the police to track the car easily,” Samrawit added.

Horizon express the company that is providing the system and the hardware also provide food delivery service called Elifgn and a platform called Balderasu for delivery service management.


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